Welcoming A New Torah

Maon Noam Khakhan Centre invites the entire community to a grand celebration as we welcome a New Torah to our synagogue. The Torah is dedicated by Paul and Frances Khakhan and family in honour of the Bar Mitzvah of their son Moshe Eitan.


11:00am – We would like to honour you with your family to writing a letter in the final letters of the New Torah. Reserve your families letter by filling out the form below!  The mitzvah of writing a Torah scroll is the last of the 613 mitzvot enumerated in the Torah.

12:00pm – We invite you to welcome the New Torah to its new home by a musical parade and joyous Hakafot. Kissing the Torah during this procession is a segulah (auspicious act) for health and longevity.

1:30pm – Enjoy a delicious festive meal (Seudat Mitzvah) and listen to words of Torah and inspiration.

Don’t forget to take a memento card – the piece of the material that was designated for the mantle. This is a segulah for the children to grow with strong and steadfast faith in G‑d.

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