Welcome to Sunday Hebrew School of Performance!

This Hebrew School is a unique blend of fun hands on learning, finding an inner joy of fulfillment & Jewish pride within oneself as we explore about our heritage, traditions, Torah & our Holy Land. 


A typical Sunday Hebrew School of performance Schedule: 

Program begins at 10:00am and Dismissal is at 12:00pm


10:00am – Sunday begins with a warm “Shalom”, a greeting, a warm-up and a one on one start up to Alef Champ. 


What is Alef Champ? 

Aleph Champ is a karate motivated Hebrew reading system. By starting from level one – learning the basic letters, to ending with level black, each student will eventually become a champion Hebrew Reader! 

How does Alef Champ Work? 

The curriculum clearly breaks down Hebrew reading into manageable goals and levels. This way, It allows for multiple levels of student within one classroom. Alef Champ can quickly identify students reading skills, and areas of difficulty for staff and parents. What’s so amazing about this program is that Success alone is the motivation. Students are personally inspired to advance. 

The Levels 10 Levels plus more! 

Level 1: White 

First 19 ב״א Letters 

Stripe 1: א-ו 

Stripe 2: ז-ך 

Stripe 3: ל-ן 

Level 2: Red 

Last 13 ב״א Letters 

Stripe 1: ס-ף 

Stripe 2: צ-ר 

Stripe 3: ש-ת 

Level 3: Orange 

The First 3 Vowels 

Stripe 1: Kamatz

Stripe 2: Patach

Stripe 3: Tzeireh

Level 4: Yellow 

The Next 3 Vowels 

Stripe 1: Segol

Stripe 2: Shva

Stripe 3: Cholam

Level 5: Green 

The Last 3 Vowels 

Stripe 1: Cheerik

Stripe 2: Koobutz

Stripe 3: Shooruk

Level 6: Blue 

Exceptions to the Rule 

Stripe 1

Stripe 2

Stripe 3

Level 7: Purple 

Being a Pro 

Level 8: Brown 

Prayer Practice 

Stripe 1: 13 – 16 Words Per Minute 

Stripe 2: 16 – 20 WPM 

Stripe 3: 20 – 23 WPM 

Level 9: Grey 

Prayer Practice 

Stripe 1: 23 – 26 WPM 

Stripe 2: 26 – 30 WPM 

Stripe 3: 30 – 33 WPM 

Level 10: Black 

Holiday Prayers 

Stripe 1: 33 – 36 WPM 

Stripe 2: 36 – 40 WPM 

Stripe 3: 40 – 43 WPM 

Chumash Reading 

Stripe 1: 43 – 46 WPM 

Stripe 2: 46 – 50 WPM 

Stripe 3: 50 – 53 WPM 

When a student has mastered and become a Champ, we don’t stop!! Students learn how to write properly in Hebrew script, then we move on to learning “Dikduk” (Grammar) and speaking the Hebrew language. 


10:45am – We take a few moments to think about all the things we should feel grateful for. We show gratitude to Hashem. We sing and 

Thank Hashem for all the good and blessings. We pray with a sing a long and learn Jewish lyrics too! 


11:00am – Netilat Yadayim, blessings and a delicious kosher snack that every child gets to enjoy! 


11:15am – Each week we do “Performance” of some type connected with an upcoming “Chag” or a mitzvah. We focus on giving, respecting, and Living Jewish. We also explore about our heritage, traditions, Torah & our Holy Land interactively with games, Scavenger Hunts, songs, and more. 


* Each week Some of the  “performance” includes: 

Kids in the Kitchen 

Students get to use all their 5 senses as they stir and mix. The students explore Jewish traditional foods as they cook or bake and taste the yummiest Kosher food. 

Chasdei Kaduri Involvement 

Chasdei Kaduri is the largest volunteer-run Jewish organization that provides free weekly delivery of non-perishable food, fresh bakery goods and fresh produce to the thousands of needy Jewish families in the GTA. (To find out more visit 

We believe in our children and the important role they have in making the world a better place. We give the children the opportunity to feel like leaders and give them the vital positive skills of knowing how to be giving, kind, compassionate, and knowing they matter! Children prepare and decorate a variety of packages that include toiletries, kitchen supplies and First Aid. 

Arts and Crafts 

Art and Crafts helps children use their creativity to create beautiful gifts and items for the upcoming Jewish Holiday or just creating a Jewish masterpiece painting to pride with. 


When we learn about important things, we want to make sure they children “get it” and impact their learning in an everlasting way, therefore; we have songs and acting games for so many important topics. 

The students put out a Chanukah Performance where all parents and friends are welcome to join and watch the show Live. 

Prize store 

Students earn coins for their achievements, effort and successful work done during Hebrew School. Coins are collected until the Prize Store dates. Children can buy awesome prizes with their coins they have earned. 



11:45am Every student will own their unique Jewish Journal. Each Sunday they become familiar with reading a Jewish Calendar and familiarizing with the Jewish months and date. 

Each child will also practice Jewish Alef Bet as they write their own name and the “word of the day” in Hebrew. 


11:55 – 12:00pm Dismissal with a warm wish of having a 

“Shavua Tov!” 




  1.  Countless of hours and big expenses are used to create this unique, fun and amazing Hebrew School that consists of Prize stores, learning hands on and teaching with a variety of materials. Please consider in giving a donation throughout the year to cover the cost. Donations can be made online, e-transfer, or payable to “Maon Noam”.
  2. If your child will be away for any reason and missing a Hebrew School lesson (vacation, sick…) please notify as soon as possible by text or WhatsApp.
  3. Every Student will be getting their own BAG with a workbook for Alef Champ, prayer book, Jewish Journal Diary and supplies. It is their responsibility to bring their “Bag” with all that is in it – EVERY SUNDAY (unless otherwise noted)
  4. If a child misplaced or lost any of the books or items, a replacement will be needed with a fee $10 per book.
  5. Please do not send with your child any iPhone, iPad, or technology. We have a phone that is available to be used for emergency. Bringing gadgets of any sorts is a distraction to fully participating in the things done at Hebrew School.

Note: Once you have registered your child/ ren and been accepted, we will keep you informed on a constant basis I encourage you to join Hebrew School WhatsApp group.