Here at Maon Noam we truly believe in the Power of the Teenagers. The teens are not just the leaders of Tomorrow. We believe they are awesome and have much positively to give to the community and the environment TODAY!


We have Volunteer and Leadership Opportunities for Teenagers to channel their abilities, skills  and talents in helping and giving to others. If your teen in tech savvy, artistic, or a person  just with a big heart, know that there are people who are waiting to receive a smile from your teenager!


Maon Noam offers JTeen events that are enjoyed tremendously among the teens as they befriend other Jewish teens.  Some of the things we do is cooking demos, sports, have hot topic discussions where Teens get to do some thinking learn about our Jewish Identity and experience an awesome program with great food and competitive games, projects and contests.

Please CLICK HERE to see our upcoming JTeen Community Initiative Program