Monday, March 9 – Fast of Esther

Fast Begins: 6:10am – Fast Ends: 7:46pm

Maon Noam Khakhan Centre – 910 Rutherford Rd.

6:45am: Shacharit

6:45pm: Mincha and Shekel

7:45pm: Arvit & Megillah

Maon Noam @ 15 Torresdale Ave.

6:30pm: Mincha, Shekel & Torah Reading

7:45pm: Arvit

8pm: Megillah Reading and Delicious Pizza

9pm: Late Megillah Reading

11pm: Late Megillah Reading @ 240 Robert Hicks Dr.

Maon Noam @ Patricia

7:45: Arvit

8pm: Megillat Esther follwed by Hamantashen

Tuesday, March 10 – Purim Day

Maon Noam Khakhan Centre – 910 Rutherford Rd

6:45am: Shacharit followed by Megillat Esther

5pm: Late Megillah Reading

5:45pm: Mincha

6pm: Purim Bash

Maon Noam @ 15 Torresdale

8am: Morning Service

8:30am: Megillah Reading

6pm: Late Megillah Reading & Purim Mitzvot & Purim Party