This club is proven to be the most amazing Jewish club the BEST Bat Mitzvah Gift ever!! This is the club you learn what a Bat Mitzvah is REALLY all about!! Get to know your Jewish self as we learn the important “tools” a Jewish girl needs to know to become a responsible and mature young women.

The Torah was our gift from G-d. This valuable gift was given to the Jewish nation as a GIFT, free of charge. We at Maon Noam believe, that EVERY Jew should deserve to have the opportunity to learn and discover their rich heritage of where they come from and how valuable they truly are. Here at Maon Noam, we give the skills to enhance your life in a meaningful and beautiful way.

Turning Bat Mitzvah age, goes without saying that responsibility is a big step in becoming a grown-up! Being fully COMMITTED in attending each club the responsibility of every participant for Certificate to be received.

  • Club Days:

Bat Mitzvah Club has a total of 20 Sessions that take place on Tuesday Evenings. Each session is for one and a half hours.

The club usually starts in October and ends in March with a Grand Celebration and Graduation.

  • Curriculum:

We will have great fun learning hands on through arts & crafts, creative writing with open discussions on hot topics and more,  painting, creating jewellery, cooking delicious traditional foods, baking challah, and cool experiments!! All your beautiful work will become a masterpiece to be unforgettable and cherished forever!

  • Shabbaton:

The Bat Mitzvah girls experience a “Shabbat Sleepover”. It is always one one the highlights that create a beautiful friendship amongst the girls. A shabbaton is always from Friday late afternoon and ends on Saturday Night. The girls learn what a traditional Shabbat is all about. A delicious five course Friday Night meal, fascinating stories, amazing games, activities, food and more prepared as the girls get to learn and feel the beauty of Shabbat.

  • Graduation & Celebration

The Big Day is celebrated with Friends, family and Community. Part of the program is a special candle lighting ceremony, receiving a Bat Mitzvah Certificate, a presentation from each Bat Mitzvah girl and a Buffet fit for this auspicious millstone.

Post Bat Mitzvah Club girls are encouraged to get involved in community service by helping out in Maon Noam’s various events and programs. Maon Noam also offers a great Jewish Teen program: “JTeen” program for tweens and teens, boys and girls ages 13 – 15.

Donations and Sponsorship is always welcomed and Encouraged.

Date Outline
Tuesdays  7:00 – 8:15pm  
October 12 The Gift of becoming Bat Mitzvah.
October 19 Relationships & Responsibility
October 26 The Jewish GPS
November 2 Decision Making skills
November 9 Giving-kindness
November 16 Self – Respect
November 23 Respecting others and the World.
December 14 Friendship. Are you a real Friend?
December 21 Successful Communication Skills
December 28 Shabbat
January 4 Challah Baking
January 11 Trees and Jewish Eternity
January 21 – January 22 Shabbaton Sleepover
January 25 Jewish Pride
February 1 The Art of being Happy
February 8 Leadership skills
February 15 The gift of Family
February 22 Making the Difference.
March 1 ISRAEL. The Heart of Every Jew.
March 8 Speech preps and Rehearsal
March 15 Graduation and Celebration 6:00pm