Year-End Fundraising Campaign


At Maon Noam, we are proud to say that Jews of all ages, backgrounds and affiliations have a place they can call home.

Our numbers have been growing steadily each year, as Jews from the Greater Toronto Area avail themselves of our ongoing programs, such as Holiday Celebrations, Daily Services, Sunday Hebrew School of Performance, High Holiday Services, Bar and Bat Mitzvah Clubs, Women’s Circle, Hospital visitations just to name a few.

Needless to say, your generous support is essential to our effort to be a beacon of Jewish light in the GTA. Without you, and people like you, we simply cannot achieve this goal.

Our yearend fundraiser is very important; it helps Maon Noam end the year in a fiscally responsible position, enabling us to continue to provide community members with the services and programs that have become integral to their lives.

We hope you will consider this partnership opportunity and respond generously. You won’t be sorry— investing in Jewish futures is the greatest investment you will ever make!

Thank you in advance and may you and your loved ones enjoy G‑d’s revealed and abundant blessings

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