New Mikvah

Miriam’s Well in our times.

A stream of water irrigates a valley. A rainfall sustains an orchard. A refreshing swallow of water nourishes a person by carrying nutrients to all parts of the body.

Water irrigates, sustains, and nourishes the body and the soul. This is the Jewish woman. She is the well, providing the living waters of Torah to her family and surroundings.

In Egypt, Miriam preserved the continuity of the Jewish nation, and it’s therefore no surprise that the well of water that accompanied the Jews on the journeys in the desert was in the merit of Miriam.

As we travel through exile, we are likewise nurtured by the “living waters of Miriam” – the Torah study, good deeds, and comforting kindnesses performed by Jewish women throughout the ages.

Miriam’s well provided not only drinking water, but also served as the desert’s only Mikvah. The millions of children born in the desert, who went on to inherit the land of Israel and establish themselves as the Israelite nation for all of posterity, we all born in Miriam’s merit.

The Maon Noam community is blessed to have a gorgeous, state-of-the-art Mikvah. The Mikvah is ancient in its origins, modern in its design, and timeless in its power. When a woman immerses in these living waters, she accesses a sublime energy that has a beneficial effect on herself, her immediate family, and all of the Jewish people.

Have you wondered what the Mikvah is about, but didn’t know who to ask?

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